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You are covered by our 30-day money back guarantee
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Build Overview

In this pack you will find Arenas pvp of different biomes, delimited with barriers so that the players do not escape from it, in this pack you will find the biomes:
Nether – End – Desert – Plains – Messa – Aqua – Ice – Mushroom.

Size in blocks: 100 x 100
Interiors: Not apply
Price: $7,99 $6,99
Versions: 1.8.X1.12.X1.16.X1.19.X.MCWORLD
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3D Model


Build Description

Arenas pvp for minecraft:

In this arenas pvp pack you will find different arenas of 100×100 size, with a biome theme each one, we have also incorporated a security barriers system so that users do not escape or infiltrate the edges of the arenas, below you will find a description of each arena.

  1. The Nether biome is a volcanic and hostile environment with challenging battles and a gloomy atmosphere.
  2. The End biome is a mysterious and dark biome that represents the final world of Minecraft, offering epic and suspenseful battles.
  3. The Desert biome is an arid and vast environment with sparse vegetation, sand dunes, and cactus.
  4. The Plains biome offers a more open and strategic terrain for battles, with green grass and scattered trees.
  5. The Messa biome provides a visually stunning and distinct environment for battles, with colorful rock formations, canyons, and exposed clay.
  6. The Aqua biome is an aquatic environment decorated with marine objects and weights, adding an additional challenge to combat in a fluid environment.
  7. The Ice biome is a wintry, slippery landscape with icy mountains and frozen lakes, while the
  8. Mushroom biome is full of giant mushrooms, toadstools, and gentle hills, offering a unique and fantastical environment for battles.

Sketchfab Model:

Before making your purchase this Arenas pvp for minecraft, we recommend you to see the 3D model of this construction, which will allow you to explore every corner and see how it would look like in the game. You can access the 3D model by clicking here. You can also see more products from our store by clicking here.

Download files:

Also when you buy this product you will receive this map in 4 versions [1.8 – 1.12 – 1.16 – 1.19], it is also compatible with 1.20 or higher, in addition, each version will have its own WORLD and its own SCHEMATIC with the blocks of its respective version, what are you waiting for to buy this build?

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