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Premade Store - NetherixStudios

Terms and Conditions

Welcome to the terms and conditions of NetherixStudios, we strongly recommend that you read our Terms and Conditions These terms are necessary for the purchase of digital products, if you buy on our site you are accepting all of the following


  •  The “Terms of Service”, hereinafter referred to as “ToS” are the terms and conditions compiled below for the safe and secure trading between Netherix Studios and all Clients. It is our responsibility to make you aware of these terms and conditions in every transaction conducted under our name, which includes all of our pre-made products in our stores and platforms where we sell these products. Links to our official stores are provided below for reference.
  •  By visiting any of our products, websites, discord server you agree to these ToS. If you do not agree to any of the terms, you may not access any of our platforms or products. These ToS apply for as long as you are using services from NetherixStudios. This applies to all premade products purchased and use.

​ We are not liable for any tangible or intangible damages caused by you accessing our premade builds in any other way, such as illegally.


  •  Premades: Builds that have been previously created by our team or that we have a license to re-sell. There is no waiting period for these projects and you will receive the schematic/world save file immediately after payment is completed. Premades can be exclusive, which means only one person can buy it. Also, they can be non-exclusive, where everyone can buy it.

  •  Custom projects: Projects created just for you. Custom projects are created to your specifications and may take longer to deliver, but they are built in a style to your taste and assembled entirely to the theme you want. A number of creators can be assigned to custom projects, depending on the size and skills of the creators themselves.


  • Your purchase of any of NetherixStudios premade products does not give you any right to claim ownership of that product. This means that you may not pass off the products you purchase as your own or claim ownership.
  • Distribution of any products purchased is considered illegal and any violations will be dealt with through legal action. Similarly, downloading from third parties is considered illegal and can cause major complications and legal problems for the user if it is proven that the user has not licensed the product and is using it illegally.
  • Reselling is not allowed under any circumstances. You may not use the products in premade setups and you may not use them for commercial purposes (meaning to make money from the sale of our products).


  •  Delivery of all products takes place in an online environment. This means that there is an immediate download option for premade products after payment is completed. This can usually be done by using the “Download Now” button or something similar.


  • All purchases you make from NetherixStudios are final. The files you will receive up on purchase are digital files that are available for immediate download. Under no circumstances you are not entitled to a refund for premade builds.
  • There shall be no attempt to refund or claim that any payment made by NetherixStudios is fraudulent. In the event that you choose to attempt to chargeback or claim a payment as fraudulent, we will consider that attempt to be fraudulent. Along with this, if you use someone else’s details to make a payment and that person attempts to reverse the payment or claim it as fraudulent, this will also be considered fraudulent and you will be liable for it. We reserve full authority to use any means necessary to recover losses.


  • We, NetherixStudios, own the copyright even after your intervention or intervention by a third party. This means that you do not have the right to redistribute or treat as your own any files that you have received in connection with NetherixStudios, that have been provided to you automatically or by our authorized persons (management).

  • The subject matter of copyright is a literary work and other artistic and scientific work which is the unique result of the creative activity of the author and is expressed in any objectively perceptible form, including electronic form, permanently or temporarily, regardless of its scope, purpose or meaning.

  • You are not allowed to use any images, logos, renders, screenshots, captions, quotes, etc. without the permission of the authors.


  • When you purchase any products created by NetherixStudios, you automatically agree on Terms of Service.

  • It is your responsibility to view updates to these ToS in parallel. In the event of major changes, we may notify you of such changes.

  • These ToS are valid for as long as you use or are part of NetherixStudios services or products.