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You are covered by our 30-day money back guarantee
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Supported by a team with 99% customer satisfaction score
Build Overview

Experience the serene beauty of our Japanese/Oriental-themed Floating Island Minecraft map. Explore Japanese structures and enchanting hot air balloons. Check out the 3D model before you buy!

Size in blocks: 300 x 300
Interiors: No
Price: $7,99
Versions: 1.8.X1.12.X1.16.X1.19.X.MCWORLD
Things you get
Troubleshooting Guide
Version compatibility
Java and Bedrock support
Installation support
Exclusive WebCustomer role
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3D Model


Build Description

Step into a captivating Japanese/Oriental-themed Floating Island map for Minecraft servers. Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of this unique creation. The island features a carefully designed spawn point, an information area, and dedicated spaces for NPCs. Explore various Japanese-themed structures that adorn the island, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of the East. To add to the atmosphere, colorful Japanese hot air balloons float gracefully above the map. Before you buy, remember to see the 3D model of this build, so you can explore every corner and see it as it would look in-game. Experience the tranquility of the Orient in Minecraft!

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