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Operations Book | NetherixStudios

On this page you will find information about how our staff and freelancers operate.

Basic Questions

What is this?

This is the operations book for NetherixStudios. It has all the information necessary for freelancers of NetherixStudios to know about the team’s operations. This information is intended for NetherixStudios freelancers and staff.

What are service teams?

A Service Team is a collective of skilled professionals who offer a diverse range of services to clients. These services can encompass various fields such as design, web development, and content creation, often tailored to the specific needs of the client. In the case of NetherixStudios, this includes specialized services for Minecraft, such as builds, along with broader offerings like logo design, website development, and Discord development.

Freelancers with expertise in different areas can apply to join a Service Team by submitting their portfolio or resume for review by application managers. Once accepted, freelancers benefit from a steady stream of work opportunities as the team handles client acquisition and project management, providing them with commissions and requests along with all the necessary information to complete the work. This arrangement allows freelancers to focus on their craft without the added burden of finding clients or managing administrative tasks.

What is a quote?

A “quote” is the estimate given to a client by a freelancer that states how much the freelancer would charge for completing a specific commission. Often, quotes also include the timeframe that is needed for completion of the commission, but this is not required and can be negotiated once more details are known.

What are tickets?

Because we manage all our clients’ requests through Discord, each commission is posted in a dedicated channel where all necessary information (such as budget, deadline, description, and references) is provided for available freelancers. These channels, which act as private chats between the freelancer, the commission manager (CM), and the client, are called “tickets” and are automatically generated by our Discord bot.

When a client initiates a commission ticket, they are prompted to provide all relevant information and select the department the commission falls under (e.g., building or development). The bot then creates two linked tickets: one in the client’s Discord (the “commission ticket”) and one in the freelancer’s Discord (the “quote ticket”). The quote ticket is accessible to all freelancers within that specific department and notifies them upon posting. Within this ticket, freelancers can ask questions, submit their quotes, or decline the commission. Freelancers are expected to respond to commissions promptly by either quoting or declining.

Freelancers’ quotes are visible to the client within their main Discord ticket. The client then selects a freelancer to accept for the commission.

Upon acceptance for a specific commission, the freelancer is added to the main Discord server ticket, where they can directly communicate with the client and provide progress updates on their project. Active tickets are logged and archived, so it is essential to provide updates, information, and the final product within the ticket, not via direct messages or external platforms.

If a freelancer wishes to collaborate with another freelancer or if the client requests the addition of their partners, our Discord bot can facilitate this by automatically adding or removing specific individuals from a particular ticket channel. To do so, simply mention your Commission Manager and provide the UserID of the person you want to add.

What are cuts?

To remain competitive and sustainable in the market, service teams, including NetherixStudios, require profit. Being the largest service team in the market, we understand this need well.

As a freelancer with NetherixStudios, you won’t have to spend time searching for clients or potential commissions. We will provide clients for you, allowing you to access a list of available commissions and their details. You can then choose to quote or decline these commissions at your discretion.

To ensure our continued growth and ability to bring you more clients, NetherixStudios deducts a small percentage from the total payment issued by the client. As a freelancer, you will receive 85% of the agreed-upon price with the client, excluding PayPal fees. Your commission manager will receive 2%, and the remaining 13% will be reinvested directly back into NetherixStudios operations.

If you find this arrangement unfair, consider that without funds for development, we wouldn’t be the leading team in the market or able to bring you clients and commissions. Therefore, to ensure our functionality and ability to improve, management needs to take a small cut from each commission. These funds are crucial for the development of NetherixStudios, including Discord bots, staff payments, advertising, and other essential business expenses.

General Information

On this page you will find the terms and conditions to be part of our team no matter what role you apply for, keep in mind that these terms are unbreakable and are subject to constant changes without prior notice to current freelancers/staff. It has all the information necessary for freelancers of NetherixTeam to know about the team’s operations.

A. Roles

Below you will find a list of the ranks/roles we have at NetherixStudios, as well as their respective function in the team.

B. The Management

The management team has a very important role in the whole process of bringing efficiency and quality to our customers every day, they have to keep the equipment running smoothly and constantly work to add new things or improve the current systems to make the equipment better.

Composed by “Netherix Management”, “Departament Heads” and “Comission Manager”. Therefore, if you have any questions, concerns or problems that you would like to see addressed, they are the ones to whom you should address them. In this way, all your suggestions, comments and reports will be treated with care to improve the Netherix team and its environment.

C. Roles Hierarchy

  • CEO:
    The position occupied by SrPhoenix, the founder and current owner, in charge of NetherixStudios and all its activities on the market.
  • Managing Director:
    The second highest position after CEO, held by Mysterious_Rocker and Frankchescoly, who has as main functions the management of NetherixStudios, and its freelancer store NetherixStudios.com, as well as the freelancer team and all systems and processes related to the team, to keep everything in order.
  • Commission Manager:
    In order to maintain high-quality standards for all our products, there will be a Commission Manager assigned to every commission, so they can be in touch with both the freelancer and the client, making sure everything runs smoothly.

    They will constantly collect feedback from the client and inform the freelancer if any issues or concerns arise, such as lack of updates, activity, or low work quality. They will also ensure that the client is providing the necessary details and is being adequately active within their ticket.

  • Application Managers
    Each department will have an Application Manager, which handles all the applications received by that department.

    Their responsibilities are to review the applications for their department and accept or deny the applicants based on portfolio and trial work.

  • Staff Team
    The NetherixStudios staff team is in charge of ensuring the integrity of the users by enforcing the discord rules, penalizing those who violate them and helping in the different tasks of doubts and complaints from users.

  • Freelancers
    All accepted applicants will be assigned the “Freelancer” role on the main Discord server and Freelancers server, which will give them the possibility to accept assignments and work on projects sent by clients.
    Upon receiving this role, they will automatically get access to the official Freelancer discord where they will find the information and commission channels where all the clients’ assignments will arrive, the Freelancer is free to send their quote through the discord bot, getting the possibility for the client to accept their quote, once accepted they will be automatically added to the Ticket where they will find the “Commission Manager”, the “Client” and you as “Freelancer”.

    Freelancers are assigned department and sub-department roles based on their application(s), so they will only be sent commissions for the department for which they were accepted. Freelancers who wish to add other departments to their roles must create a new request on the appropriate Discord server.

  • Luxury Customer:
    The Luxury Customer role It will be granted to users who have spent more than 5000 usd in Netherix, without counting the fees, get all the previous benefits and additional No upfront payment is needed and they obtain a permanent ticket with us and ’s cellphone number.
  • Star Customer:
    The Star Customer role will be given to users who have spent more than 1000 usd on Netherix, not counting fees, get all the above benefits but get a 50% discount coupon for the website and -10% for your next exclusive order.
  • Notable Customer:
    The Notable Customer role will be awarded to users who have obtained 3 or more exclusive Netherix products, It gets the same benefits as the Client but is only required to pay 50% upfront. They also get priority over the Clients
  • Customer:
    The Customer role will be awarded to users who have purchased an exclusive netherix product through the ticket system. The benefits are exactly the same as WebCustomer.
  • WebCustomer:
    The WebCustomer role it is given to users who have obtained a product through the website, the benefit is to appear separated from the other discord users.
  • Member:
    The default role of the server, which gets assigned to everyone joining Netherix Team’s discord.

Freelancers Information


  • I will not share and/or distribute client property, ideas, data and anything else important provided within commissions.
  • I will respect and follow any instructions provided to me by executives. I will approach them in a professional and respectful manner if there is ever a time when I feel the need to challenge or question anything.
  • Being part of the freelancer team, I will provide support to any past clients for the first month after the commission has been marked complete. If unable to do so for any reason, this must be brought up with the executive team.
  • I agree to ensure all open tickets are complete if I was to ever leave the Discord.
  • I will stay professional, and mature and not argue with members of the server, especially not clients.
  • I agree to not scam anyone within the server or out; working for Netherix comes with the expectation to keep a good reputation in the community.
  • I agree that I will maintain my portfolio ensuring it is up to date allowing potential clients to browse my work.
  • You must not recommend any services or products that are in direct competition with Netherix Services; for example, suggesting to go to another service team to have their commission complete.
  • You must notify the executive’s team at least 72 hours before leaving the team and/or discord.
  • As a freelancer, I agree that I will never accept external payments from clients of Netherix directly to my PayPal or in any other forms. All payments for commissions completed through Netherix will be done through an invoice using our bot.
  • I will not plagiarize other people’s work and claim it as mine. In the case where you are found doing so, you will be removed from the team immediately and any commissions you were working on will not be paid out and will be cancelled.

A. What are service teams?

Service teams are companies that provide different services for their clients.

In many cases, service teams are geared towards providing products specific to Minecraft, such as builds. However, Netherix Team provides these services and much more, like professional logo design, website development, and Discord development. Service teams consist a variety of talented freelancers, who are specialized in different departments; at NetherixStudios, our departments (with numerous sub-departments each) include design, Minecraft design, videography, development, and building.

Freelancers must submit their portfolio or resume to a service team’s application system, which will then be reviewed by application managers. By becoming a member of the team, you gain a lot of work opportunities since you won’t have to search for clients anymore, with all the commissions and requests being sent to you, alongside all the information required (e.g. budgets, details, deadlines, etc).

B. Getting Started as a Freelancer

Before officially joining the team, you will have to follow a set of instructions on how to set up your freelancer profile.
Having an attractive, good looking portfolio is crucial in getting accepted by clients on their requests. It is a requirement for all departments and all applicants to have an accessible portfolio. In case you don’t have a website, portfolio, or resume for your services, you can create an Imgur album (https://imgur.com), providing pictures that represent your skills and convince clients to choose you.

As a freelancer at NetherixStudios, you automatically agree to certain conduct, behavior, and messaging guidelines, in addition to being required to follow the global Discord rules of NetherixStudios.

You are required to be active and respond to ALL incoming commissions and administrative messages within 48 hours of receiving them. Failure to do so may result in removal from the team.

C. Professionalism in your job

By becoming a freelancer on NetherixTeam, you will automatically start representing the company during your interactions with clients and other community members. This is why you must act appropriately to all our customers, without starting any argument or fight, no matter if you think you’re right or not. All interactions with clients, within tickets and outside of them, must be professional and level-headed.

In case any concerns arise regarding a client or an ongoing commission, you must contact a member of management and inform them of the situation and what bothers you, so it can get handled properly.

D. Negotiation and Payment

When a client opens a ticket in NetherixStudios, the bot will automatically PING it. Only the following ranks can see the ticket: “NetherixManagement”, “ComissionManager” and the client. Once the client has completed their ticket, the information will be automatically sent to the NetherixStudios Freelancers Discord; at this point the freelancers can interact with each other, discuss the order and give their quote to the client.

As soon as the client receives several quotes and accepts any of them, the freelancer will be automatically added to the main ticket, during this stage, you should make sure you know exactly what the client wants in your product. You and the client can also discuss changes to your budget – either your price or the time needed to complete the assignment – during this time.

When everything is agreed upon, we will proceed to payment, either 50% or 100% of the service (depending on the range), remember that the bot contracting system is essential to have proof that the client is hiring us under our conditions. The payment will be made to the official paypal account of Netherix, our commission for providing clients as freelance is 15%, that is, if you are going to charge 100 usd for a job, we will have 15 usd of its price and you will earn 85 usd for the job, this in order to maintain the services/advertising of Netherix.

  • If you start working on an assignment before payment is confirmed, NetherixStudios is not responsible for any loss of time or work that occurs if the client cancels or backs out of the assignment.
  • Because PayPal is the only payment method accepted by NetherixTeam and all payments go through G&S, we charge an additional handling fee to our clients in accordance with our Terms of Service. This fee does not affect the amount that goes to the freelancer or CM.
  • Once payment is confirmed, work can begin on the assignment.

E. Updates, Revisions, and Completing Commissions

After we start working on a request, all progress and updates should be provided on the order channel, not on DMs or other servers, so we are able to keep track of the chat history for future reference.

Freelancers must update their clients at least once every 24-48 hours, or whenever the client pings them.

Once the commission is completed, the client must pay the other 50% of the commission fee if they paid 50% in advance (Only applies for Notable Customer Ranks and above). Once full payment is confirmed, you can send the finished product to the customer, within the commission ticket for archiving. Once the customer has received and tested the product, you can request minor changes and revisions, such as bug fixes (although major changes, such as additional features, may incur additional charges).

Once the product has been updated to the customer’s liking, send a message to your commission manager so that you can initiate the finalization process.

If you are found taking a NetherixStudios client to the DMs to do the project there, and get the full 100% cut, you will be instantly removed from the team and possibly banned from using our services and the discord server.

NOTE: If a client found you using MC Market or any other external source, and contacted you for their request before opening a commission on NetherixStudios, you will not be punished, as you did not break the above rule of leading them to DMs from our Discord server.

F. Review Process

At the end of the ticket, once the final product has been delivered and the full price has been paid by the client, the client will be able to rate the freelancer who handled their project and the Comission Manager who was in charge on a scale of 1 to 5. Generally, the main rating criteria are quality of work, ability to meet deadlines and consistency in updating the client when requested.

The key to achieving a 5-star rating is to provide the client with frequent updates on the progress of the project, showing examples of progress where appropriate. Staying in touch with them and creating a connection is extremely important, which may even make them select you for their future assignments.

When the CM evaluates the assignment and the freelancer’s work, he/she should publish the result of the assignment on the official Discords Reviews channel.

G. Payouts

After work on a specific project has been completed and the customer has given you a rating, your Commission Manager will begin collecting feedback and interacting with the customer for a short time. When this final process is complete, the Commission Manager will archive the ticket and receive a direct bot message from the Netherix team, which will provide you with the link that leads to the ticket records.

Once the above process is finished and completed, the commission manager will mark the ticket as complete and the bot will automatically assign your percentage to your virtual wallet, you can request an immediate withdrawal in the freelancer discord.

H. Commission Managers

To continue to provide clients with the high quality of work we are known for, each ticket will have a Commission Manager assigned to it. You can think of this as a “Support Team” role, but the main difference is that once a Commission Manager claims a specific ticket, they will monitor all project progress and activity and collect constant feedback from the client.

He/she will maintain a close relationship with both clients and freelancers, to make sure that everything is going smoothly and that all parties involved in the commissioning process are happy with the final outcome.

In case the client has any complaints about the progress of their request, they will inform their Commission Manager, who will talk to the freelancer and let them know what they can improve in their work and activity. If a freelancer has a problem with a client or a commission, they should speak to their Commission Manager privately.

Under no circumstances should Commission Managers insult or humiliate you in front of clients; their main duty is to help you understand the client’s needs and requests in depth, and make sure everything goes smoothly within the ticket. If you or your customer has a problem with a Commission Manager, they should notify a Netherix Management through DMs.

One of the main functions of a CM is to build a strong relationship with freelancers and clients, so you should consider them more like a friend or mentor who can give you advice and help you get better at what you’re doing.

I. Chargebacks

Since the only payment method we currently accept is PayPal G&S (Goods & Services), this allows our customers to open disputes and attempt to return their funds on specific payments, under reasons such as “product not received” or “product different than initially described”, which will put the specific payment on hold.

Please note that if the product lacks quality or does not meet the initial requirements specified by the customer, the customer is entitled to receive a partial or full refund, which will result in you not receiving any money in that case. If you are unsure of any details or requirements set by the customer, it is always best to ask as many questions as possible to make sure you have understood everything correctly. Also, a refund should be a last resort, as the client should request changes and revisions before considering a refund.

However, in the event that a customer opens a dispute and it cannot be resolved with them, PayPal will take action and evaluate the information and evidence from both parties, ultimately deciding the winner of the specific claim/dispute.

Opening a chargeback is strictly against our Terms of Service, resulting in the customer being banned from our services. However, if it is discovered that someone takes action against us on PayPal, the freelancers involved will be notified on their ongoing commissions, in order to stop activity on their project temporarily or permanently.

As a freelancer on the Netherix team, you are not allowed to continue working for clients who opened a chargeback after being notified by the administration. Failure to do so or finding other ways to complete the project (e.g. DMs with the specific client, continuing live work on your server/website, etc.) could result in a strike, being placed under review, or being removed from the team.

J. Other Policies

As a freelancer, you will also be held to the refund, chargeback, and extra charges policies found here: Commission TOS