Terms of Service

1. When you purchase something from NetherixTeam you automatically agree to the Terms of Service if you do not, you will not be allowed to use our services.

2. You are not allowed to claim or copy any of NetherixTeam’s work as your own, nor copy any of our documents.

3. All payments must go through paypal goods and services.

4. You may not sell any product made by a NetherixTeam freelancer, without explicit permission to do so.

5. We keep all files saved, but we advise you to keep backups.

6. We keep track of all payments being made through NetherixTeam.

7. We reserve the right to deny or terminate service if it is in breach of our Terms, or any laws set forth by any nations involved with the sale. We also reserve the right to deny or terminate service that we are not comfortable with terms surrounding, or developments not made clear before the service has begun.

8. We have a strict no refund policy!

9. All Scam reports must go directly to the freelancer completing the job. If you feel like NetherixTeam is involved please tag us in the Scam Report and we will reply within 48 hours. We are not responsible for any payments sent to the freelancer.

10. You must always follow our rules, if you violate them you may be banned, any active orders will NOT be refunded, for more information you can check our rules in rules-and-tos and on our website.

11. If you as a client do not respond in over two weeks, the commission will be marked as complete and archived.