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    Netherix making your orders come true

    We are the best team you can hire, at Netherix we have more than 10 services to make your projects come true, just contact us and we will start working!

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    Looking for minecraft builders?

    At Netherix we have the best minecraft builders, you can see our portfolio throughout the site, if you want a non-exclusive build you can go to our STORE, otherwise if you want a custom and exclusive build for you, you can contact us

    Minecraft Building

    Our builders are eager to make your request come true. Our constructions vary from small to large and we will tailor the construction to your personal preferences.


    The limit is creativity! Our designers can make an idea become a digital work of art! We can do whatever you want, from small presentation cards to large banners for social networks!

    Minecraft Design

    Give your projects a more striking touch! We are experts in renders, 3D models, banners, among others, our designers will make your idea come true!

    Web Development

    Whether you need a quick website design or a full-on website coding, we have your back. Our website development crew are always happy to code or design websites which look elegant and stunning, and will serve the purpose you intend.

    Minecraft Development

    Our highly experienced developers are always happy to code for you. Our developers are eager to deliver you an experience you will enjoy and strive to perfect the development for its intended use.

    Minecraft Setups

    We understand that people may not have the time nor understand how to configure their desired platform, or simply can't be bothered. Our setup department are available to set up what you need, from minecraft servers & configurations to discord server layouts. Our team are flexible and wont be beaten on price.


    Whether you need a short intro or a huge video or cinematic creating we are happy to help. Our video editors take the time of day to perfect your request and make it look just as good and flawless as you imagined. The pricing is good value for the work and time put in and you will be happy with your purchase.